5 Perfectly Simple Recipe Cards Printables!

If you saw my DIY Menu Planning Board then you know I had a hard time finding just the right recipe card. There are SO many beautiful options online, but I wanted something very simple. I minimally needed plenty of lines for the ingredients and directions, something that would be easy to read, and no huge designs taking up valuable writing space!

Here are a few of my favorites I found during my search.

This one by JWPDesignStudio is like the perfect blank slate. It saves the whole back side design for directions which can be really nice for more complicated recipes!
I like that this one by VanillaPoint is simple with a little bit of sweet. The back side repeats the ingredients and directions columns so you have tons of lines to work with!
I couldn’t resist these pastel watercolor bordered cards by ManookaPrints! If you are wanting just a hint of color, but with plenty of clean space for writing then these would be perfect.
I love how clean this one by HelloCoPaperStore is! It would be perfect if you are looking for something to add your own embellishments. It also repeats the ingredients and directions columns on the back design.

Even though these are all great options, none of them were EXACTLY what I wanted for my menu board. So, like many things in my life, I went ahead and just made my own!

Download the FREE recipe card here.

(Right click the image and save to your computer.)

(When you go to print, select “Print entire image”.)

Let me know which one of these is your favorite!

If you download my recipe card be sure to let me know how you liked it in the comments or share a picture of your favorite recipe with me on Instagram!

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