Anxiety is a BITCH! – 4 small things you can do to reduce your daily stress and stay focused on what matters.

Look, let’s not start things off pretending like I have my shit together. I absolutely DO NOT! I have had some form of anxiety since I was a teenager and although it has gotten better in recent years, I still struggle with it regularly. It used to be mostly social anxiety, but as I’ve gotten older and learned to give fewer fucks about the outside world it has morphed into more of an anxiety variety pack. Neat!

So even though I do not have it all figured out, I have discovered a few things that turned out to make quite a big improvement on my day to day life. I wish someone had suggested these to me sooner and I hope that I can be that someone for you!

1. Stop looking at the back of your head!

Ok, hold on, don’t leave yet! You are probably thinking this is a metaphor for some kind of deep thought about our internal struggle as humans or some shit. You can stop rolling your eyes though because it’s not! I mean LITERALLY stop looking at the back of your head.

I used to spend so much time nitpicking every little hair on my head when trying to get ready to leave the house. My hair always seems to have a mind of its own and it used to drive me INSANE! I would usually just give up and tell myself not to look in any mirrors between me and car. Finally, I decided to get it all chopped off and my new pixie cut life began! This made it even easier to not care about the back of my hair, even earlier in the getting ready process. I get out of the shower, comb it, and then NEVER THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN! Even when I go to the salon I just hand the little mirror back because I just don’t give a shit what the back of my head looks like. I can tell enough from feeling it with my hands if something REAL wonky is going on and that is good enough for me.

Now, even though I do think everyone should try out a really good short haircut at least one, I know that is WAY beyond a lot of people’s comfort zone. I just wanted to share this small thing anyway, because it has been a huge breath of fresh air for me! Maybe you can think of something you nitpick over and just remove it from your line of sight until you don’t give a shit anymore too?

2. Keep your phone on silent mode!

This one might be a no-brainer for a lot of people, but I didn’t want to skip it. It was not until this past year that someone mentioned having their phone always on silent mode that I even considered that an option for me.

Since I run my own business and my cell phone doubles as my work phone I thought I needed to have it with me and with full sound alerts at all times. I guess I worried that if I didn’t get notified right away that I might miss an emergency situation or a last minute cancellation or….yeah actually there is rarely anything so urgent in my business that it can’t wait at least an hour (or several).

Realistically I rarely go more than 2 hours without being on my phone for some reason or another. Any missed calls or messages will be right there waiting for me as soon as I pick it up again. It is so nice to actually be able to get shit done or enjoy some uninterrupted free time for more than 5 minutes when I’m not being bombarded with the notification sounds or spam calls constantly.

No more full body cringe every time my phone rings!

3. Turn off all social media push notifications!

Now that your phone is on silent you can finally get a bit of peace! Until you do go to pick up your phone to text a friend or even just to check the time. If the first thing you see when you look at your phone is all your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram notifications how are you NOT going to go on a scrolling spree!?

I am just like everyone else who enjoys their social media time…a little too much. (Pretty obviously, if you follow me on Instagram.) It seems like just a quick bit of innocent browsing until I look up from my phone and suddenly the time I didn’t have to spare is just gone. A really easy way to avoid those tempting trips down the rabbit hole is to just go through your social apps settings and turn off all the push notifications.

Do I REALLY need to know, right now, that my friend liked my cat picture on Facebook? Or that someone I don’t even know retweeted my hilarious joke on Twitter? Or that my sister is now following me on Instagram? No, of course not! Let yourself have just a little bit of social media freedom during the day when you really do have more important things to do, and then when those are all done you can really dive right in and binge all the cute animal videos you want.

Bonus tip: On my iPhone I put all the social media app icons on a different screen so I have to swipe over to them on purpose. That way if I need to check my e-mail/the weather/my bank account/etc. I’m a bit less tempted to go scrolling.

4. Sign up for auto-delivery of stuff you use regularly!

There are so many boring things we have to keep up with every day just to keep our lives running smoothly. Some things you can’t avoid doing yourself, (Unless you can afford a fucking butler!) but why should we have to spend so much of our time, energy, and brain power remembering to buy things like toothpaste!

I am a big fan of Amazon’s “subscribe and save” service to take just a little bit off my brain plate. (Mind platter? Head bowl? Ok, it’s getting weird. I’ll stop.) There are other websites that offer auto-delivery as well, but I just find Amazon to be a good variety of everything so I can keep track of it all in one place.

For Amazon’s service, you can sign up for things to be delivered every 1-6 months and adjust the details of your delivery at any time with no penalties. Plus, you get discounts of 5-20% depending on how many different things you have in each delivery and shipping is FREE! The only thing to keep in mind is that prices on Amazon do fluctuate. Occasionally the cost of your subscribe and save items may go up or down, but they will send you an e-mail to alert you before your next delivery in case you want to change it.

I have things like toothpaste, hand lotion, cat food, and vitamins delivered to me on a regular basis. It used to stress me out so much just making sure I always had the house stocked with the things we needed. It was like being on inventory duty almost every day. I LOVE not even thinking about those things and always having as much as we need!

Do you do any of these things too?
Are you also a crazy person who ignores the back of their head?

I would love to know what little changes you have made to your life to reduce your stress!

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