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Make a Menu Planning Board You Will Actually Use!

If you saw my Vision Board post, you may remember that one corner of it was devoted to meal planning in order to eat healthier. Every week I intend to plan out our dinners at home, but far too often it all goes to shit. I needed to figure out WHY my planning fails so […]

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Share the Love – Fill your eyeballs with positivity!

I had a couple of shitty mood days this past week and I think I got so scared of a total spiral into the darkness that I was just packing as much positive and motivational stuff into my brain as possible! Does all this stuff really work? I have no fucking idea! However, I do […]

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Share the love – A few of my favorites this past week!

Sometimes it can be so hard to start the week off in a good mood. It’s like the moment you wake up on Monday, the previous week is just wiped clean and it was all for nothing. Personally, this can send my brain in one of two ways. Some weeks I am so excited for […]

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