How to make a Vision Board (even when you think they’re bullshit!)

If you are new to Vision Boards you might be rolling your eyes and thinking, “What the hell is this hippy-dippy, arts and crafts, science fair project, bullshit!?”

That was 100% me! I mean, how exactly does gluing the word “Believe” to a piece of cardboard magically improve your life? What a joke! Of course, it doesn’t help that often the ones you see online are made by people who are already living their seemingly perfect, successful lives. It must be so easy to have a positive attitude when you are already crushing it! As someone who is definitely NOT “crushing it” currently, the positivity struggle is real.

So how did I end up with a desk covered in old magazines, poster board, scrapbooking paper, and glue tape? Honestly, I was just really craving a craft project! haha!

Ok, that was actually only half of it. Part of my plan for 2019 was to be more positive and stop getting in my own way. I am lucky enough to be in a situation where the only thing holding me back from doing the things I want to do is me. So maybe it’s time to tell the teenage me always in the back of my head to fuck right off and stop rolling her eyes so damn much!

This is where the vision board comes in. Do I believe that this ransom note for my life will magically make me a happier person by the end of the year? No, of course not. It sure as hell doesn’t hurt though and I had an awesome time making it! (Look at me, being all positive and shit already.)

So what do you ACTUALLY need for a Vision Board? (and what I used.)

The “Vision” part:

Make a list of your goals!
(Maybe you live your life more loosey goosy than I do, but I was not going to go into this project blind. I made a list of at least 5 things I really wanted to work on this year.)
Old magazines, catalogues, etc.
(I went to Half Price Books because magazines are expensive as hell for something I was literally going to tear apart. Most of their used magazines were 50 cents. This is where the list of goals is really helpful so you can get the kind of magazines you will need.)

The “Board” part:

Some kind of board.
(I bought a 2 pack of poster board because that’s what the store had and I was kind of terrified I was going to fuck it up. You could easily use some old cardboard or even a bulletin board and pins to keep it real simple!)
Scissors and glue.
(I really like these tape runner thingies, but you could use any kind of sticky stuff you want.)

Optional items:

(Once I made my list of goals I knew of a few things I wanted on my board that I couldn’t find in magazines. A quick google search for some free printables did the trick!)
Scrapbook paper, stickers, and other embellishments.
(The sky’s the limit on the kind of stuff you could slap on your board. I saw the booklet of watercolor papers and I just had to have it. It ended up being perfect for creating colorful, sectioned backdrops to my magazine clippings.)

Get to clipping! I went through each magazine and tore out pages of anything I thought I might work. Be sure to keep an eye on the ads too because those things LOVE to use inspirational quotes to sell you cereal or drugs or whatever!
Once you have most of the things you want to include on your board it’s a good idea to lay it all out before gluing. That way you can trim things to the right size and see if you need more or less stuff to fill out all the sections evenly. Unless you are more confident in your crafting skills then I am, then glue away with reckless abandon!
Once you are finished with your board be sure to place it somewhere you will see it often for a daily boost of inspiration! You could also take a picture of it to use as your computer or phone wallpaper if you are glued to technology like most of us are.

It’s really such a simple project that if you have any interest in doing it then just go for it. Worst case scenario is you wasted a few dollars and a little bit of time, but it’s possible you might just have a blast creating something that could change your life! The jury is still out on that whole “life-changing” part of the project, but I’ll be sure to share my findings this time next year when I’m working on my 2020 board.

Have you made a Vision Board before? Let me know how it worked for you!

If you haven’t made one before, what is holding you back?

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2 thoughts on “How to make a Vision Board (even when you think they’re bullshit!)

  1. Fuck yes! Teenage me also rolls my eyes at stuff like this, but I’m glad you got something out of it. Way to fucking go! Inspiring me to get off my ass and get my YouTube up and running. Maybe I’ll make a vision board, too. <3

    1. Thank you! Starting shit is always the hardest hurdle and it’s so annoying. I figured the vision board was the perfect jumping off point and something hard to totally fuck up. haha Get that Youtube channel going!! ❤️

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