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I had a couple of shitty mood days this past week and I think I got so scared of a total spiral into the darkness that I was just packing as much positive and motivational stuff into my brain as possible!

Does all this stuff really work? I have no fucking idea! However, I do find that I at least WANT to be a more productive and happy person when I am bombarding myself with all the “positive vibes”. Maybe that’s the whole point!

Here are a few of the things I loved this week.

Allison was actually our awesome wedding photographer years ago! She has since moved on to running a successful business, Wonderlass, where she helps others find success online. This year she started her podcast and when I saw the name, “The Take Imperfect Action Podcast” I knew I had to give it a listen. I have an annoying habit of holding myself back pretty regularly because I refuse to take imperfect actions! I am only a few episodes in so far, but the podcast is just as fun and quirky as she is!

You can find more about her business and podcast here:
On Episode 3 of The Take Imperfect Action Podcast, Allison shares information on how she has found success. Yep, affirmations! I have seen these kinds of things in the past, and boy was there no better eye-rolling material! Honestly, I was cringing as I was writing these all out. I even felt I had to warn Chris that there was cheesy shit happening at home and to please not make fun of me. I’M TRYING!
(A couple days later he actually left me a post-it note next to one of them saying he was proud of me and I almost cried on my way out to my car it was so surprising and lovely!)
I stumbled across this brilliant woman on Instagram this week and I am so glad I found her! So much of Amber Rae’s art really hits home with me and makes me think about things I’m struggling with from a totally different (and much more productive!) point of view.

Find out more about her work here:
Ok now for something just for fun and nothing else! Chris and I watched all of the first season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix in just a few days this past week. It is SO good!! It may seem like just another superhero show, but it has a totally different style and it was fucking delightful. The music alone is 100% worth it!
Brownies! What more is there to say really? They are delicious and you should make some!

Ok, actually I wanted to share this because I found out how to make delicious vegan brownies using the box mixes and it was pretty exciting how easy it was. I did a quick google search and found a blog from 2010 where she tells you how to replace each egg with a flax egg and a bit of baking soda. Then just add the oil and water as directed and that’s it! I feel dumb for not looking into this earlier, but I’m making up for it with extra brownies and ice cream.

You can find the specific instructions here: How to Successfully Veganize Boxed Brownies

What made you smile last week?

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