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Most of my time last week was used finishing my latest DIY project. (Make a Menu Planning Board You Will Actually Use!) So not much else going on, but I do have a few things that stick in my mind that continually made me smile!

Here are a few of the things I loved last week!

French Toast! I’ve only tried my own on the spot creation of French toast since going vegan and it always just turned out kind of meh. Then on Saturday one of my favorite vegan food bloggers and Youtube channels posted a new recipe for French toast! It uses chickpea flour in the batter which gives it the perfect texture. Thanks to much to Lisa aka “The Viet Vegan” for this breakfast changer!
You can find the recipe on Lisa’s blog here: Vegan French Toast
Check out her Youtube channel too! The Viet Vegan
These comics I found on Instagram by Nathan W. Pyle are just SO good! Seriously go check them out and enjoy how absurd humans are.
You can find them here: Strange Planet
Ok, I’m a little late to the game on this one. (5 seasons late…) I’ve had Grace and Frankie on my Netflix queue since Season 1 and just this week got around to watching it. Even more hilarious and delightful than I thought! Frankie (and Lily Tomlin) is my spirit animal.

What made you smile last week?

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